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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does concrete repair cost?

Professional resurfacing can cost $3-$10 a square foot depending on the condition of the existing concrete, the resurfacing system used and local rates; Resurfacing an average 500-square-foot concrete driveway (including repairing all cracks or other imperfections) typically costs $2,000-$5,000.

Can you patch concrete?

Once you have a good, sticky surface for the concrete, simply add water to premixed concrete and patch the crack. For small patching jobs, use a pre-mixed concrete patch. If you use ready-mix concrete patch, all you need to add is water. Fill the crack completely and tamp the patch.

Can concrete spalling be repaired?

The signs of spalling include a rough and flaky surface and breaking of some concrete chunks. This could be repaired by removing the damaged section so that it can be filled with cement. You can address the spalling problem immediately the concrete is poured. ... Also, the concrete needs some time to cure.

Does concrete adhere to concrete?

Fact: Fresh wet concrete does not normally bond well to existing dry concrete. ... Concrete would have gotten an F. There is nothing in basic portland cement that will act as a bonding agent. Portland cement concrete works well in mass and provides great compressive strength but not bond.

Is foundation repair covered by insurance?

So while your insurance provider might cover foundation repair costs in those specific instances, they will not do so for damage caused by general soil compaction and expansion. ... However, as a general rule, your home insurance won't help cover general foundation repair.

Can you sell a house with foundation problems?

Remember that more than likely, foundation problems will affect the sale price. A buyer will want to purchase the home for less money if they have to repair something right away, and you may want to sell it for more if you've had to fix the problem on your own dime.

Can pitted concrete be resurfaced?

Pitted, cracked concrete can be resurfaced. Q. ... Concrete patios and walks can discolor, crack and become pitted as they age. Chemicals contained within some ice melting products will also cause a concrete surface to crack or become pitted as they combine with water and are absorbed into the porous surface of concrete.

How long do foundation repairs last?

The average residential foundation repair typically takes 2 to 3 days. There are some variables that cause a job to take longer.

Can Foundation issues be fixed?

Foundation issues are no minor thing; however, in the majority of cases, the issue can be fixed (although the cost will vary). If this is the case, more extensive foundation repairs, including lifting up the house to install new foundation piers to level it out and reinforce the existing foundation, are necessary.

How do I get a smooth finish on concrete?

To finish the concrete, use a steel finishing trowel to achieve a smooth texture. The tool brings water to the surface of the concrete. Don’t use too much water, but at the same time, work the tool to create a smooth finish.

How much does it cost to fix cracked foundation?

The national average cost to repair cracks in a foundation is $350 to $1,350. If you catch a crack early, you can expect to pay between $300 and $600 for a hairline crack. Major structural issues can cost as much as $10,000 to $15,000 to fix — which is why it’s important to catch and repair damage early.

Is it safe to buy a house with foundation repair?

There is no problem with buying a house that has had foundation repair done. It’s better than buying a house with foundation problems! At least the foundation repair is usually done pretty well so it should be fine to move in. It all depends on location and company though.

Can you patch concrete?

Once you have a good, sticky surface for the concrete, simply add water to premixed concrete and patch the crack. For small patching jobs, use a pre-mixed concrete patch. If you use ready-mix concrete patch, all you need to add is water. Fill the crack completely and tamp the patch.

Does concrete stick to concrete?

The key to successfully pouring concrete over an existing concrete surface is to ensure the two layers bond properly. Even though concrete is strong and forms a hard structure, there’s nothing in it that helps it stick to old concrete. A commercial bonding agent helps with that.

Can you finance foundation repair?

Once you have paid for your foundation repair by credit card, you can make one or many payments to your credit card company to cover the cost of your foundation repairs.

How much does a foundation cost?

Building a foundation costs an average of $8,084, with most spending between $3,977 and $12,239. Foundations’ costs range between $4 and $7 per square foot depending on type: concrete, pier and beam or crawl space. The cost of the project can differ depending on the type of foundation you install.

Can you pour new concrete over old concrete?

If done properly, new concrete can often be poured right over an existing slab. … However, if your concrete is relatively sound and raising its elevation a few inches would not create problems, then you can pour new concrete directly over the old. Well, maybe not directly over the old.

Is it OK if it rains after pouring concrete?

Pouring Concrete vs Pouring Rain. … If the rain occurs when the concrete is fresh (about 2-4 hours after mixing), the surface should be protected from the rain. If the finishing process was recently completed, rainwater may not cause damage as long as it is not worked into the surface and the slab is left untouched.

Will concrete overlay last?

Concrete overlays are thin and do not last as long as the slabs beneath them. … Acid etching and other types of concrete color work tend to fade away over time unless the floor is consistently sealed. Owners must pay close attention to maintenance and cleaning with their concrete overlays if they want them to last.

Can concrete be resurfaced?

As long as your walkway isn’t cracked all the way through, you can coat the slab with a concrete resurfacer, a no-shrink blend of Portland cement, sand, and polymer additives that fills divots and makes a uniform finish. … Resurfacing takes most of a day, but your walkway will be back in pristine shape once you’re done.

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