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A sidewalk violation is a kind of official notice which is issued by DOT (Department of Transportation) expressing that your sidewalk is demeritorious, most people own their house and some of the owners do not realize that they are responsible for the sidewalk. It also included in their property and they ignore its defects until they get hit with a damaged sidewalk violation. If the violation is issued when the owner has to call the DOT and with they can also search for more information about it. 

Violation is received by the owner of the property from DOT when they arrive for inspection and explore that owner sidewalk is defective due to any reason. It is also unsafe or could harm anyone while walking on it. Then at that time they encourage warning to the property owner for fixing the sidewalk. If the owner refuses to do it then DOT will themselves perform the activity by hiring contractors and do all necessary repairs. 

This route of repairing is very expensive as they charged you a high rate for repairing on behalf of you. If the owner is not able to pay the full amount at one then they charge interest and put a legal claim on the property. So save yourself from such expenses you should hire a sidewalk violation removal contractor and repair its own. For perfectness in work you can go for our company contractors will provide repairing at reasonable rate. 

Tips when you received a DOT sidewalk violation

Check Defective Part

First, you have to see that what has been defective and which type repairing it needed. Sometimes the small portion of the sidewalk gets defective and DOT also finds a small section for repairing. For this, you can hire our company as they will provide repairs at a reasonable rate according to the defects.

Find the Contractor

When you will hire a professional dot sidewalk violation removal contractor for repairing then it will care for all aspects of their job. So before hiring the contractor you should check some aspects such as they should be experienced, trustworthy, and licensed which makes them more reliable for work. All reputable contractors have insurance through which they can save themselves from any type of damage or accidents happen at the time of repairing. You should ask for one copy of insurance as this will make sure that the contractor is authentic. 

Get Good Price

Most of the time the owner gets confused that they are hiring a sidewalk repair contractor at a good price or not. So for this, you can check how much of DOT will take for repairing according to per square feet. In this way, you can compare the price as DOT repairing is very expensive. With the help of our experienced and professional contractors, your work is well done at a reasonable rate without any hidden charges. which you can also compare the rate of other contractors and could opt for the best one.


When you hire the for repairing after this they have to take proper permission from the DOT so that they can complete the job without any hassle. Our contractors have full knowledge that how to get permission. And they will easily get permit quickly so that they can start the work immediately without any delay. The permit works for 30 days only and after so our professional will complete work within these days. After completing the work they have to notify about it to the city of completion.